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*This Project was completed in 2015.

Gender doesn’t define who you are, you do. You can do anything you wish for, regardless of your gender. Here are our inspiring figures who break gender roles within our community. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something because of your gender. It’s just a label. We were discussing violence against women in our club. As we talked more and more we found ourselves asking: What can we do? And this is how this awareness raising campaign started. We asked our teachers to take their photos doing something that flips the stereotypical gender roles. We made posters of the photos and created a photo exhibit in our school.The most inspiring aspect of this campaign is that these people are people we know, and because of that, we know for a fact that these are real. They are not crafted to make a campaign, they are real people who really do break gender stereotyping within our community. Go ahead, talk to them, ask them about the posters, and they’ll all tell you little stories of how they do these things daily and that they are not bound by the identified gender roles of the societies. That is how it should be. Don’t forget, #genderisjustalabel