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              In the Revenue Generation Team, we not only to fund other projects of our club, but we also aim to establish a more socialised and helpful community. Hence, we came up with the wrist band idea. We wanted to improve our school spirit, and make the student body an interactive community. And is there a better way to do that other than carrying your favourite teachers most famous quote with all of your classmates on your wrist? Go ahead, talk to people about what is going on in your school, in your community and in our world.

         The wrist bands are not our only project! We came up with a t-shirt idea that we can sell to the RC community. These t-shirts have slogans that represent ideas which are not discussed by the majority of the society, such as racism or sexism. We hope these ideas will be discussed more within the society as we start selling t-shirts, and the prejudices will be overcome.