Here is a photo of one of our club members, Rabia, who spent her one-month internship at ImpactHub İst. During a month she worked on prototyping Design Thinking training contents for high schoolers. She got the chance to interact with role models trying to change the world better in the Hub in collaboration with others. Thanks to everyone who created this opportunity for her!
“For a month I interned at ImpactHub İstanbul. During my internship I have created Design Thinking Training contents to be thought to high school students. For this purpose, Design Thinking training I first got in Global Social Entrep. Summit in India helped me a lot. Having worked on Design Thinking again in a completely different context showed me that there is never only one way to reach your goals,  the road you take changes and reshapes according to the group you work with. Among what I have done, with whom I have done it was also very crucial for me. In my experience, I got to work with inspiring role models who were trying to guide me and my mind through my work. Spending a month in an environment where my personal growth was valued as well as my work helped me shape my own future decisions. Via prototyping the content I have created, I interacted with people from my age but different life paths. The overall experience showed me that I need to expand my view and understanding you create maximum impact, which is ImpactHub İstanbul is all about! Thanks to everyone who made experience possible and truly tranformative!”

ImpactHub Istanbul
Istanbul, Turkey
​Summer 2017